School Offer

SENDAs a school we are committed to giving all children the highest quality of education. If the teaching is of the highest possible level and the teachers are clear as to how to meet all of the needs of their pupils then there should be very little need for external intervention. However, we do understand that some pupils’ needs are very complex and require additional and specialist support. These should be rare occasions however and parents can trust that the school has highly skilled practitioners who can devise and implement programmes of learning for all abilities even if there are a range of abilities within one class. If a child is struggling to keep up with the average level of work, this does not necessarily mean that he or she has special needs. School and home must work together to provide constant overlearning and reinforcement of the material and we can adapt the work for your child to enable them to feel a greater sense of success and self-esteem but will always expect your child to reach his or her full potential.

If your child is struggling, we must first identify which elements of learning came before the steps they are finding hard and revisit those steps. This does not require additional tuition or booster groups as the teacher is able to adapt their planning to ensure that the children all get the opportunity to work on their ‘next steps’ even if this means they must spend time in class on revision first.

At St Joseph’s we encourage children to be as independent as possible to prepare them for real life. We do not advocate the use of 1:1 as a lifestyle for a child but understand that there are some parts of the school day which require it for either medical reasons or reasons such as their safety or the safety of others. For children who hold a statement of SEN or are eligible to be considered for an EHCP (Education, Health Care Plan), there may be an increased need for 1:1 support if the child is working at a level which is extremely below age appropriate. Children who are not overly dependent upon the adult are able to make better progress, develop better listening skills and gain a greater sense of self-worth.

We have excellent provision in place for all groups of learners including those with SEND and we are proud to give all our pupils an enriched, broad and balanced curriculum.

September 2014